Low and moderate income people around the world need financial services such as credit, savings, insurance, and payments to assist them in managing their lives and to build better futures for their families. However, very few have access to such services from formal financial service providers. Moreover, our concept of full inclusion goes beyond access to include a focus on the quality of services and the capability of clients to use them. Quality financial inclusion goes hand in hand with building a stable financial system, deepening the financial sector, and promoting broad economic participation and growth.

FINANCIAL INCLUSION 2023 (FI2023) is a global multi-stakeholder movement to achieve financial inclusion, using the year 2020 as a focal point for action. Private sector players, regulators, industry developers, technology providers and other actors have come together to focus on reaching new and underserved markets with a full range of quality services.

Financial Inclusion: A state in which everyone who can use them has access to a full suite of quality financial services, provided at affordable prices, in a convenient manner, with respect and dignity. Financial services are delivered by a range of providers, in a stable, competitive market to financially capable clients.

FI2023 is a project of the Center for Financial Inclusion an action-oriented think tank working toward full global financial inclusion.

expanding access to quality financial services

Hear leading regulators and financial service providers share their views on whether full financial inclusion is possible by 2020 and how expanding access to quality financial services will improve lives around the world.